Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's With Me?

No, seriously. I'm asking the question and hoping for answers. Who visits this website? Who are all of ya'll? I cannot help but reach out to satisfy my insatiable curiosity -- it may have killed the cat, but hopefully this human will survive. So, do me a favor and post a comment saying your name, where you're from and how you found out about this blog. Alternatively, if you're someone who I have personally made aware of this blog, why not post a little hello if you feel up to it.


For readers of 24 Frames, I sincerely hope that this weblog serves as a way and means for you to experience the 35th Telluride Film Festival as if firsthand. This blog post inaugurates a feeling of unity that I hope will continue to remain prevalent on this blog henceforth -- thereby, the use of the enclosed fist raised into the air. We stand together. Myself and you, the internet. As they say in what I imagine to be the only Spanish I'll ever need to know, "Mi Telluride Film Festival es su Telluride Film Festival."

I will not solely be writing for myself in keeping this blog updated throughout the course of the festival, but equally for family, friends and those who stumble upon this page and find that they're intrigued with its contents. The locus of my writing efforts will be to recreate the festival experience -- I want the reader, more than anything, to feel like they are proverbially 'along for the (Tellu)ride.' Excuse the pun. I could not resist.

Neglecting to share this experience in any fashion would be a tragedy. In fact, in being given such a rare gift as to attend the 35th Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium, it is my opinion that making all of the information accessible globally is a necessity. All of the facts, the critiques, opinions and, above all, the mind-bending stories that will come from this experience, as I see it, will be too precious to keep to one's self.

In recording the six days I am in Telluride, Colorado, I am making a commitment to hopefully inspire others in ways that I have been inspired. I am of the opinion that nothing affects the mind to greater effect than the relation of personal storytelling. For me, this is most certainly true. I have been impressed, inspired, challenged and frightened all through examples from the lives of others -- never have I been more moved as when someone told me something that has happened to them. In this way, the story is personal, real and tangible.

Such stories beg the asking of a particular question. It is, so it goes, "if it can happen to them, why can't it happen to me?" Or, if painful, the opposite is true. "I hope nothing like that ever happens to me," one could be heard to say.

Personal stories of all kinds have led me to where I am today. In six days, I start to tell my own. The rest is yet to be told.


Mugsie said...

Yo Sam! Mugsie here - miss you, but I'm in Milwaukee still. Have a blast at the fest, etc etc. :)

Brandon Colvin said...

I'm reading, fine sir.

Anonymous said...

Checking in now with a greater frequency. Looking forward to living the dream vicariously.

John and Kerry

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