Friday, August 15, 2008

Can Dreams Become Reality?

Fellow film scholar Brandon Colvin, whom I met at the 2nd Annual Midwest Undergraduate Film Conference at the University of Notre Dame, sent me an e-mail (much, much) earlier today, saying that he had a dream the night before involving me and a particular filmmaker. Dreams, it should be noted, have often been a sign of things to come in my life. I imagine that this is true for others besides myself, also. As you will see in Brandon's relation of the dream, to an extent he feels the same way. If dreams can become reality, then who is to say where one world ends and the other begins? If your dreams become reality, there is no longer any distinction.

The dream begins now.

From Brandon Colvin , 12:04 A.M. on August 15th, 2008:

"I had a dream last night and it involved you and Spike Lee.

I walked into a movie theater to watch something (I think it was THE
DARK KNIGHT) and as I scooted down the row of seats, I looked back and saw that Spike Lee was seated just behind me. Needless to say, I was stunned, especially when he smiled at me and said, 'My man, Brandon Colvin! How you doing?'

'Pretty good." I replied. "Can I ask you something?'


'Is your new movie going to be at Telluride? I only ask because one of
my friends is going to be there and he really wants to meet you. We were
at a conference together. Are you going to be one of the directors in

'Actually, yes. It's going to be me and one other director, but I can't
tell you who that is.'

'That's awesome! He'll be so excited! By the way, I thought the trailer
looked great.'

'Really? I had some problems with it . . . '

And then I woke up. It might be a sign of things to come. It felt sort
of like a premonition. I thought I should let you know, but don't get
your hopes up too high! I don't want this to set you up for being
crushed if he isn't there. Haha.

Anyway, have a great day and have fun at the festival."

Hope is one thing, for certain, but success at the festival is not dependent on Spike Lee's presence.

As I look onward towards this possible prospect and the coming excitement of Telluride, I have to remember that even if Spike doesn't make an appearance, the dream has not yet ended.


Brandon Colvin said...

I'm impressed that you turned my hastily thrown together e-mail into something poetic and insightful.

Glad to be of service!

Anonymous said...

hey there! really great blog! i don't mean to be the bearer of sad tidings but if this is correct, it appears that the world premier of spike lee's film is scheduled for the toronto film festival in early september; but i'm sure telluride is gonna be awesome either way! i know i can't wait! =)

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